Diplomats villa print

Estonian Wall Art

Funk-modernism architecture print - bringing a new sublime minimalistic vision to what a Nordic living is about.

One of the best Estonian Functionalists Olev Siinmaa and Anton Soans designed an example of how should look modern geometric composition. The only traditional feature is the dark-painted socle of varying height, whose purpose is to avoid the soiling of the walls by mud. Even the windows declare to be part of Mondrian’s painting. The villa in Lõuna Street is placed at the edge of the site and is lighted through windows only on three sides. Thus the dining room is in the gloomy middle part of the building and is lighted through a curved glass window in the hall. This not only serves as a window but also as a glass-shelved showcase for crystal glass ware. Although the floor plan follows the conventions, the rooms are placed in free clusters.

Dimensions: 30x40 cm, Comes with a white wooden frame.

EUR 40.00
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