Merlin Meremaa


Merlin Meremaa is a young Estonian jewellery artist, living and working in Tallinn. She has done her BA in the Estonian Academy of Arts, where she is currently studying towards an MA in Jewellery and Blacksmithing. She has already taken part in exhibitions in Estonia, Germany, Netherlands and Spain.

The “Untitled” jewellery collection which includes brooches and earrings is based on the concept of rapidity. When pouring molten metal into cold water, we are able to control just a part of this process but the final result is always unpredictable, which makes every piece of jewellery unique. The way material is shaped is often brutal but also very beautiful and natural. The other jewellery is made of steel sponge, a very airy, fragile and beautiful material which is heated and squashed with a blacksmith power forging hammer under five tons. The result is like a captured ‘still moment’.