Kairi Sirendi


"In a world full of haste and words said in a rush, moments of silence are something that is hard to catch. Forest is one of the last places without civilization’s clatter and useless noise".

The "Silence" jewellery collection refers to an Estonian myth of worshiping the forest and believing in souls living in trees. In its simple shapes, this jewellery series symbolizes quiet moments and inner peace. Earrings are made of natural and ecologically pure tree fungus and silver.

Kairi Sirendi is a teacher and artist from Estonia. Growing up in connection with nature, she was stunned by the peacefulness and silence of the forest and its ability to stop the time. Her works are inspired by the time and continuance, showing the importance of littlest moments so easily ignored. She started making jewellery 3 years ago - already for now, she has been part in several group exhibitions and has been nominated for awards in local and international contests.